The International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis is keen to engage with early career researchers and doctoral candidates who share our interest in the psycho-societal. Since 2021, we have therefore offered a PhD course on Psycho-Societal Research: Methodology and Practice.

The aim of this course is to advance doctoral candidates’ understanding of psycho-societal research methodology and practice. Psycho-societal or psychosocial research focuses on the manifold relations and interconnections between subjective experience and social dynamics. Attention is directed towards understanding of the conflictual and dynamic nature of psychological and sociocultural processes and their often-layered effects on the formation of the social and of subjectivity. Central to the course is the exploration of the psychosocial through data interpretations in groups.

The teaching content of the PhD course is offered in conjunction with the annual conference, and readings will relate to the conference theme. Participation in the depth-hermeneutic interpretation groups, is a consistent feature of the conference and the course, offering learning from experience.

The course is offered under the auspices of the University of Stavanger. For more information about the course and enrollment procedures, please see the course website.

Module coordinators: Dr Steffen Krüger (University of Oslo), Associate Professor Dion Rüsselbæk Hanssen (University of Southern Denmark), Professor Birgitta Haga Grisprud (University of Stavanger).