cropped-thumbnail.jpgThe International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis gathers annually for a conference, located in the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Every year the conference explores a different theme related to our psycho-societal approach to research, which focuses on the dialectic between inner experience and the social conditions for people’s lives, paying attention to the conflictual and dynamic nature of both psychological and social processes and their mutual effects on social action and change.

Our members represent a range of social science, natural science and humanities disciplines including sociology, psychology, psychiatry, social psychology, psychoanalysis, criminology, media studies, cultural studies, education, health humanities, nursing, social work and social policy.

Executive Committee (2023)

Steffen Krüger, Christine Morgenroth, Henning Salling Olesen, Andreas Hjort Bundgaard, Søren Weber, Charlotte Höcker, Eystein Våpenstad and Marijana Batkovic