Pending developments in the global pandemic, the annual conference will take place at the Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik from 30th May-3rd June 2022. The theme is Revitalizing Care: The Psycho-Societal Politics, Ethics and Ambivalences of Interdependence

What, we now ask, would happen if we were to…put care at the very centre of life?*

The 2022 conference will celebrate the research group’s 20th anniversary (2001-2021). With this conference theme, we aim to explore care and caring as key psychosocial concepts, ideals and practices, intimately linked with the most basic conditions for development, being and flourishing. The detrimental impacts of neoliberalism on society, the devastations of the covid-19 pandemic, and the looming climate crisis come to mind as major challenges which call on our thinking about the capacity to care: to care more about care, to be able to care better, and to imagine care in new and different ways.

*The Care Collective (2020) The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence. London: Verso: p. 5.

Executive Committee:

Steffen Krüger (

Birgitta Haga Gripsrud (