We offer at PhD Course in Psycho-Societal Research: Methodology and Practice (5 ECTS)

About the course

This PhD course aims to advance doctoral candidates’ understanding of psycho-societal research methodology and practice. Psycho-societal or psychosocial research focuses on the manifold relations and interconnections between subjective experience and social dynamics. Attention is directed towards understanding of the conflictual and dynamic nature of psychological and sociocultural processes and their often-layered effects on the formation of the social and of subjectivity. Central to the course is the exploration of the psychosocial through data interpretations in groups.

Many PhD projects concerned with social and cultural research rely on qualitative data. These data are constructed and framed in different ways and with different purposes, depending on one’s research question. In order to turn data material into relevant knowledge, it must be analyzed and interpreted. In this course, group interpretation sessions allow PhD-candidates to focus on a range of aspects and unpack varieties and nuances in their data material. By being confronting with multiple readings of the same data extract, new thoughts and ideas can be set in motion, which can create surprising new perspectives and insights. The course and its interpretation group method are derived from in-depth hermeneutics, which has its roots in critical cultural analysis with a psychoanalytic orientation (Lorenzer, 1986) and has been developed further by The International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis, since 2001. PhD candidates are invited into a participative and inspiring atmosphere. In the interpretation group researchers are engaged on an equal footing, regardless of previous experience with the approach. The course allows the sharing of widely different research data and topics, creating ad-hoc arenas for the exploration of the different disciplinary traditions, theoretical knowledges and situated life experiences of the group’s members.

Practical information

The PhD-course will be offered as part of the annual conference of The International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis. As such, the course offers an advanced introduction to psycho-societal research methodologies and practice and provides opportunities to develop candidates’ generic academic skills as part of a vibrant research community.

This course is relevant for PhD candidates who work with qualitative inquiry, e.g. interviews, focus groups, fieldwork/observations, visual or text-based materials, and case studies. The course is also relevant for PhD-candidates concerned with how researcher subjectivity, inter-subjectivity, and reflexivity relate to the ways in which empirical material is constructed.

Due to the pandemic the course will not be running in 2021.

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